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Why You Have To Contribute To Your Team

Contributing to your team and your staff is going to increase production levels. You have to communicate regularly with your team and guide them in the right direction so they’re prosperous and creating a ton of value for your organization.

Those Who Don’t Contribute

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Contributing, being active and helping people out is something that is a huge trait for success. Those who aren’t contributing and are not team players are going to slow down your production. Your company is not going to accelerate as quickly as if everybody works together as a team. You can conquer so much more working together instead of working alone. Coming together and being a team is going to help you be really strong and contributing to your team is going to create a team atmosphere for success. 

Contribute To Your Team

The more help you give your team, the more productive they will be. If they need something from you, get it done quickly. That way they know they can rely on you as well as you can rely on them.

A good way to initiate the contribution to your team is starting with a “we” instead of “me” mentality. Being helpful, respectful and approachable are all great ways of contributing to your team. Another way to contribute to your team is to promote idea sharing throughout your organization. You’re not the only one with good ideas that can transform your company. Be open to the ideas of your team. 

Lastly, share information. If something big has happened for your company or there’s been turnover, anything that impacts your team, they should be aware of it. Over-communicating is better than under communicating. If you don’t communicate, your team can and will find out if you’re hiding or withholding information, which leads to a lack of trust. This can damage the relationships you’ve worked hard to build so make sure you effectively communicate with your team. 


Contribute to your team and everyone will succeed much faster. Being able to help your team when they are helping you makes things more efficient and helps with team building. Be kind, respectful, approachable and promote the sharing of ideas. Make sure you build up that trust between you and your team and keep it. Remember there is no “I” in team.

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