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The TRUTH About Monday Morning And How To Fix It…

Have you ever heard someone say on Sunday night that tomorrow is Monday and that it sucks that they have to go back to work? If you want to get the most out of life, that’s not the best mindset to have. It should be the reverse. You should be excited to get back to doing something you enjoy doing. It’s nice spending time with family and friends or resting up from working hard all week but if you are dreading Monday morning it could be a sign.

The most successful people that I know have one thing in common. In order to build any type of success you have to be excited about what you do. There will always be good and bad times but you should generally enjoy what you do. You have to find what makes you get out of bed in the morning. What makes you most excited to start working on?

You have to be passionate. You have to want to see success. If you’re not excited about tomorrow morning and you’re not excited for work, then you’re doing the wrong thing. Here are 3 ways to figure out what you should be doing to become successful for Monday mornings.

Try New Things

Finding what you love to do requires you to test out new things. Try a cooking class, look into graphic design, review real estate deals, or put numbers together for a project. If you are not sure what you like to do, you have to try things you’ve never done before.

It’s like the process of trying a new food you’ve never eaten before. Once you taste it you’ll know whether or not you like it. That’s what one of your goals should be, try new things to find out what you like the most. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on trying new things. See what naturally draws your attention.

Become More Open Minded

If you’re closed minded then you’ll be less likely to try new things. Look for new opportunities that you can jump into. Not everything you do will be successful but it’s a numbers game. You’ll win some and lose some. Instead of looking down on things, look up and try harder. If an opportunity doesn’t work, quickly move on from it. 

Focus on Your Strengths

If you know what your strengths are you have a huge head start. If you are good at something, it comes easy for you and you like it then this is something that a lot of people have a hard time finding. If you can monetize what you’re good at then you have a huge opportunity to grow and expand on your strengths to become even stronger.

Write a list of strengths and weaknesses and stick it in front of you on your desk. Focus on your strengths and find business partners and employees that can help pick up on your weaknesses. It’s easier said than done but this is the best way to move forward. This takes a lot of hard work and you may find it hard to get yourself to do this process but that’s how everyone feels. Hard work takes a lot of effort. Find motivation in the fact that you are going to learn more about yourself and upgrade your mindset.


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