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Quit Thinking Short Term

Are you a victim of thinking short term and not seeing the big picture? This habit can hurt your chances of ultimately becoming successful. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re overwhelmed with the task at hand. Anything that is worth while achieving takes a lot of work, otherwise everyone would be successful. Building a large multifamily portfolio with hundreds of units take a lot of big thinking.

Big picture thinking can be difficult if you’re busy working on hundreds of small tasks within your business. Big picture thinking is the process of being able to articulate a vision and path to accomplishing your huge goals. You have to remember to look up each day to think about what your long term accomplishments will look like. Taking time to think can reset yourself and motivate you again. Big picture thinking can be very uncommon within our society. Being massively successful requires thinking differently than what 98% of average Americans thinks.

You have to disregard thinking short term and take your mindset to a higher level to spark big picture thinking, and a different outlook on how you will become successful. Steve Jobs is a great example of a big thinker who was able to achieve a lot of success. He had massive goals with Apple products. Steve was very detail oriented but also kept the big picture in mind.

Encouraging big thinking doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s like building muscle in the gym. You must keep training your mind to think bigger. There are many things you can do to jump start the process.

Stop Being A Perfectionist

Once you stop picking out the little details, you’ll free up your mind to make bigger decisions on other things going on within your business. The little details are important but many of them may not be as important as you think. Everyone sees things differently than you. You may think the little details make a difference but your customers may not see the details the same way you do. Consider lowering your standards from 100% to 90-95%.

Hire Employees to Help

There is no such thing as “I” in team. Having big picture thinking and accomplishing big goals requires building a team. Even if you can add just 1 person to help you with your day to day tasks, it will free up your schedule quickly so you can focus on growing your business rather than working in it.

Stop Micro Managing

If you have the luxury of having a team, don’t micro manage it. Give your team their daily tasks and answer any questions your team may have. Check and review their work at the end of the day to asses the quality of it. Provide feedback the next day if you see any changes that are necessary. Don’t be too picky. Everyone does things differently. As long as the end result is the same and the process was efficient, then it’s a win win.

Now, quit thinking short term and focusing solely on the trenches. Pick your head up and put your thoughts towards the big picture! It will take stress off of your shoulders, enabling you to blaze full speed ahead!

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