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Do You Know Your Skillset?

Knowing your skillset is critical to being successful. Finding your skillset is the process of self awareness. It is extremely important because you have to know what you’re good and bad at. Without this knowledge you will set yourself up for failure. Do you have any special abilities or talents that you are aware of? In this article I’ll help you identify your skills.

What Tasks Make You Lose Track of Time?

It’s the things that make you lose track of what day or time it is. You’re so engaged that you haven’t been watching the time. It excites you and it’s something you don’t want to stop doing. My favorite things to do include underwriting multifamily properties, managing my team, seeing progress in multiple projects daily and helping people become more successful. If you enjoy what you’re doing you will excel and achieve a lot of success. Having that joy will keep you working on what you love even if it becomes difficult. You will be less likely to quit something that you enjoy.

What Tasks Make You Feel Like You’re Lazy?

If you have something that you must get done no matter what, and it makes you feel lazy, then chances are, you don’t enjoy that specific task. Your laziness is a gift. It shows you that you may not be interested in any given specific task. It may be better to avoid that task if you can to focus on things that you can excel in. If it’s an important task like accounting, delegate it to an accountant. This will free up your time so you’re not bogged down on things that aren’t in your skillset range.

What Comes Natural To You?

You should self audit yourself and write down on paper what you believe are your biggest talents. I encourage you to also write down what things in your life make you feel lazy. If you are having trouble figuring this out, then you should ask someone who knows you really well for help. You have to tell someone to be honest with you because you don’t want anyway saying you’re good at something just to be nice, you need to hear the truth. If you’re still struggling to figure out what your skills are or if you don’t feel that you have any, then you need to try new things everyday to have more experience to know what you excel at.

Everyone has some form of skills, you just have to search them out.

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